Cenote – Smart Concentrate Vaporizer Review

Auxo Cenote E-rig Review
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AUXO Cenote, built for an ultimate dabbing experience. Easy-swap disposable nail. Modern design with 360° immersive lighting effects.

Auxo Cenote Features
Compatible with concentrates.
2000 Mah battery capacity.
Durable, disposable ceramic heating nails.
12 Sessions per full charge.
Wireless charging.
Usb-c charging port.
8 Colorful lighting effects with optional “stealth mode”
Haptic feedback.

How to clean the Auxo Cenote?

Lift the carb cap to expose the ceramic nail and unscrew the mouthpiece counterclockwise. Take out the ceramic nail with the tweezers and clean the ceramic nail with a dry cotton swab. Clean the ceramic nail with a cotton swab dipped with 90% isopropyl alcohol.