Yocan Battery How To Use?

Charge Your Yocan Batteries First

Most Yocan batteries aren’t fully charged upon assembly. A fully charged Yocan battery ensures better performance. You’ll enjoy longer vaping sessions without needing to find a power outlet to connect your Yocan.

How To Use Yocan Battery?

Yocan batteries typically turn on and off by clicking the fire button 5 times rapidly.

Once your Yocan battery is on, simply hold down the fire button to vape. Some Yocan models might have additional features controlled by the fire button, so checking the manual is crucial. It’s always a good practice to turn your device off when not in use to conserve battery life.

How long should I charge my Yocan battery?
Battery indicator will glow when it is charging or display battery bar on screen. In around one hour the battery will be fully charged. Once fully charged, the indicator flashes 8 times and then shuts off.

Why is my Yocan battery blinking and not hitting?
Low battery: If the battery is low, it may blink when you press the button. Try charging the battery fully to see if the blinking stops. Connection issue: The blinking could be due to a connection issue between the battery and the atomizer. Make sure that the atomizer is properly screwed onto the battery.