The 5 Best Yocan Vaporizers To Buy In 2024

Which YOCAN pen is best for you?

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For portability and discretion:

  • Evolve D: Slim pen with pancake coil, good for dry herbs, self-ashing mouthpiece.

  • Evolve: Small size, concentrate pen, dual quartz coils, splash cap for discreetness.

For increased capacity and features:

  • Evolve Plus: Larger than Evolve, holds more concentrate, built-in storage, longer battery life.
  • Evolve Plus XL: Double size of Evolve, adjustable airflow, magnetic top, quad quartz coil, concentrate storage for two strains.

For advanced concentrate users:

  • Orbit: Glass dome with quartz bucket and pancake coil, allows for pearl spinning and excellent flavor.


  • Best for portability and budget: Evolve/Evolve D
  • Best for concentrate capacity and features: Evolve Plus/Plus XL
  • Best for advanced users and flavor: Orbit