Vape 101: Yocan uni pro came up with a “shorted” error

One Yocan user told us: My yocan uni pro came up with a “shorted” error today.
How to fix this Yocan UNI Pro problem, read on find out the answer.

Here are some tips from other Yocan users.
Unscrew the magnet a bit from the cart and it should hit fine.
Adjust how tight the cart is screwed into the adapter
this drives me insane, constantly trying to find a point that “works”.

Here is suggestion from CNAHOLE

Pop the pin in the bottom out. Then take the rubber insulator out. There should be 2 wires. One goes between the cart and the insulator and the other goes between the insulator and the pin. Gently pull the wires straight with tweezers and make sure they are in the right place. It does not matter which goes inside or outside. If you only see 1 wire put it in the center between the insulator and pin.