Vaping Coil Introducing: Ceramic Cartridges

What are ceramic cartridges?

This new type of vape cartridges utilizes ceramic coils to heat and vape your extracts, which is different from traditional vaping devices which feature metal coils wrapped in cotton wicking material which is responsible for drawing the oil to the heating element where it is vaporized.

Are ceramic cartridges better?

Better Taste

The high dental-grade consistency of ceramic cartridges is also more pure than other materials like metal. It’s free of contaminants that typically tint the taste you’re inhaling. These traits alone allow ceramic carts to be highly more capable at delivering clean and flavorful hits.

Why are ceramic carts better?

Heat-Resistance: Ceramic cartridges are the most heat-resistant carts on the market! Ceramic carts are far more heat resistant than their metal counterparts, and you can have high heat settings without fear of harming the cart.

Then, Ceramic cartridges can withstand higher temperatures than their metal counterparts.

Here are ceramic cartridges solutions from Yocan Tech:

Yocan keen, Yocan stix 2.0 and Yocan Stix Plus and so on.