Yocan B-smart Charging and its user manual

Yocan B-Smart battery

Yocan B-Smart Battery Features:
Compact and Stylish.
1-Ohm Resistance.
320mAh Battery.
Adjustable Voltage.
10-Second Pre-Heat Function.

The variable voltage setting can be adjusted by using a dial located at the bottom of the Yocan B-smart battery. Instead of going with a digital control, Yocan opted for a simple and a practical solution – the spin dial. This way you won’t have to turn the Yocan B-Smart Battery having it face you and tinker with the controls.

Yocan B-Smart Charging

The Yocan B-Smart USB Charging Adapter converts the Yocan B-Smart Battery’s 510-threaded port to a USB tip. This allows you to easily recharge depleted Yocan B-smart.

How do I know when my B smart pen is charged?
It has an LED light indicator that can help tell you when it’s charging. The indicator will be turn off when the battery is fully charged.

Yocan B-Smart manual

How do you use the B smart battery?
All you need to do is to rapidly tap the power button twice to activate the pre-heat mode. Likewise, the battery can be activated by simply tapping on the power button 5 times rapidly, the same action will lock or turn the battery off for when it’s not in use.

Why is the red light flashing on my Yocan B smart?
Low battery:
Red light flashes 10 times and stops working.

Safety Cutoff: If the power button is pressed continuously for more than 10 seconds, red light will flash 8 times and stop working.

How do I turn on my Yocan B-smart pen?
Press the button rapidly 5 times to turn the Yocan B-smart device on or off, hold to deliver power to the atomizer (>1.0Ω), or double click to initiate a 10 second preheat mode that softens extracts and prevents dry hits.