Yocan Kodo Cart Vape Review by Ask Lewie

Yocan Kodo is the Smallest and most powerful cartridge device. It’s one of the best vape devices for cart on the market!

Yocan Kodo feedbacks:

So happy for a tiny cheap battery with usb charging. from dgchvz.

Yocan Kodo Q&A

Does the kodo come with an atomizer and coil already in it or do I need to buy them separately?

No, the Yocan Kodo come with one vape mod, you have buy separately cartridge.

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This is probably one of the smallest but most powerful cartridge devices I have ever seen, with a crazy 400mah battery you can be sure to stay using your cartridge all day. It uses a micro USB charger, this makes it super easy to charger back up to full capacity.